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We’d like to convert a Chestnut Hill property to condominiums.

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Do I need a special permit to convert a 4 unit apartment building in Chestnut Hill into condos?


No – but if you are in Brookline you need to file a copy of the Master Deed with the Town – assessor and Building Department and complete a condominium conversion certificate.   [Read more…]

Property zoned as 3 unit multi family dwelling, can we convert to 4 condos?

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My wife and I are considering buying an investment property in Newton.  It is zoned as a multi family dwelling with 3 separate units.  We are considering buying it and building out the fourth floor to create 4 units, and then converting into 4 condominiums.  Is this doable?


The first step is to check with the Newton Building Department to determine if the specific property can be converted into 4 units.  If the answer is yes, and the conversion may be done as a matter of right, you can proceed accordingly.  If you are told the conversion cannot happen without Zoning Board of Appeals approval you may want to make your purchase contingent upon such approval.

Once approval is obtained either by right or after Zoning Board hearing, in Newton a homeowner can convert a property into condominiums without having to obtain approval.  [Read more…]

Boston Liquor License Lawyer

The Boston liquor license lawyers at Walters, Shannon, & Jensen  focus on local alcohol license transfers in Boston and throughout the Greater Boston region. In that capacity, our attorneys represent local businesses such as package store proprietors, club and restaurant owners, and tavern and bar owners who require liquor licenses. Our liquor license attorneys know the applicable Massachusetts laws, and have appeared many times before licensing commissions, including the Boston Licensing Commission, on behalf of clients seeking alcohol license transfers.

To discuss the acquisition or transfer of a Massachusetts liquor license for an establishment in Boston or the Greater Boston region, please contact our firm to speak with an experienced Massachusetts liquor license attorney.

Brookline MA Municipal Law Attorneys

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